Q) Can we participate at the center directly without registration?

A) We highly recommend you to register on our website, as it helps us to estimate the attendance and prepare accordingly.

Q) Is there any fee for registration and participation in the regional contest?

A) NO, It is absolutely free to participate in PAATASALA TANA TELUGU POTEELU -2019.

Q) Who is eligible to National Level competition?

A) Top 5 students from the regional level will be eligible to participate in the National level organized in Virigina- TANA Event.

Q) Can a student participate in two groups?

A) No, The student will be automatically selected to the respective group TELUGU PALUKU or TELUGU VELUGU while registering for the competition based on their age.

Q) Is there any travel allowance for the students who are participating in National level at Virginia.

A) No, Parents are responsible for Student’s accommodation, Travel, Food and transport to the event.

Q) Is it only for students of Paatasala, USA?

A) No. Every Student who can speak and write Telugu language is eligible for the competition.

Q) Are there any sample resources available ?

A) Yes, Sample question papers are uploaded on the website.