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Our History

Paatasala, was originally started in October 2013 in 10 centers in USA by Telugu Times, the First Global Telugu Newspaper serving the NR Telugu Community in USA, not only publishing newspaper but also supporting and spreading the awareness about Telugu Culture through various media. Drawing a thought from its own tag line, ManaVaallu-ManaBaasha, Telugu Times started Paatasala, through an easy and a scientific way of teaching Telugu Language to the children of NRIs.

However, after seeing the response from the community, an Independent organization, Paatasala Inc was incorporated in August 2014. With a larger plans of serving the community, PaatasalaInc has applied for and obtained Non Profit status with 501 (C) (3) certification immediately. After examining the systems and teaching methods of Paatasala imparting Telugu language, the mother tongue of Telugu community, School Education Dept, Govt of Andhra Pradesh not only recognized but also adopted Paatasala as its Partner in October 2016

TANA Inc has agreed to take over the ownership and management of Paatasala Inc in January 2020 as Paatsala objectives are matching with that of TANA on preserving and promoting Telugu language. TANA Leadeship and Team is putting efforts to make Paatasala available al over USA to begin with and also in other places where ever NRI Telugu children are present.

Our Vision

To make Telugu accessible and easy to learn as a language of communication and interaction for the upcoming generations. To make Paatasala teaching facilities available as many places aspossible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a scientific and easy way of teaching Telugu language starting from alphabets to various aspects through a 4 year course to the NRI children.

Our first aim is to make a child like the language, put them at complete ease and then teach the language.

Our commitment is to ensure that learning is simply not just knowing the language and being able to read/write/speak.

Paatasala is designed in such way that NRI families will have the convenience and comfort of sending their children for weekend classes ( or taking an Online teaching method from their homes) to learn Telugu language and the growing child will feel confident that he/she is learning one more language.

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